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The significant advantage of Heshida dry powder paint

Heshida dry powder paint is the first one passed China National new product scientific and technological achievements expert appraisal meeting, and filled the gaps in the building materials industry.

It acquired "the National Important New Products Certificate", "the High-Tech Enterprise", the products has unique invention patent.

It is a revolutionary new generation product in the coating industry, and a product that will replace and subvert the traditional latex paint.

Secretary General of China Coatings Industry Association said, "HESHIDA dry powder paint represents the future development direction of coating industry and has broad market prospect"

Heshida dry powder paint can be compared with top products of any international brand in terms of environmental protection, functionality and decorative performance, it is the preferred decoration material for clients who pay attention to health and environmental protection.

1. Environment Protection:

Zero pollution, Zero formaldehyde,Zero VOC, Break all kinds of false concepts in latex paint industry.

All the traditional latex paint needs additives, like suspending agent, leveling agent, defoamer, thickener, mildew inhibitor, etc., which inevitably contains formaldehyde, VOC or other harmful volatile substances.

HESHIDA dry powder paint, meet EU REACH-SVHC standard issued by "Swiss Approval", 205 hazardous substances were not detected.

2. Functionality:

1Excellent scrub resistance: The national standard grade is 5000 times, HESHIDA  is 50000 times, 10 times higher than the national excellent products standard;

2It combined together with excellent hardness, strength, elasticity and adhesion. Generally, if the coating has hardness and strength, it will not have elasticity, and if it has elasticity, it will not have enough hardness and strength. If we use a sharp knife to scratch a line on Heshida coating, we will scratch out a continuous line, while the traditional latex coating will show powder.

3Water resistance, Salt resistance: The Heshida coating will be not rotted or loosing to powder after soaking in the sea water over than 8 years.

4Alkali resistance: the wall surface beside the toilet will not be powdered off;

5Air permeability: Heshida coating is breathable,  has strong capacity of adsorption.

6Heshida exterior wall paint has very good anti-fouling performence and excellent weatherability (The national anti-aging standard is  600 hours, Heshida is 1300 hours).

7Mildew resistance: Heshida reach grade 0 (The highest level), fire rating A2 (non combustible material);

3. Decorative performance:

1Covering contrast ratioNational excellent product standard is 0.93, Heshida is 0.97, far better than other brands of latex paint, including imported brands.

2Heshida is no need primer (also known as wall fixing), traditional latex paint needs to be primed.

3Brush area: a bucket can brush 100-120 square meters, with good hiding power, coating thickness, and high scrub resistance, it's about 20% more area than traditional latex paint.

4Excellent Leveling after brushing, the surface is flat and smooth, no texture, short leveling time, no flow linked or other defects.

4. Storage conditions and storage stability: 

Not affected by weather and climate, reduce 60% of transportation weight and save transportation cost;

5. Zero emission

during the production, there has no waste gas, no waste water, no dust pollution and no odor;

6. Application scenarios, cases

1Old house re-painting, brush while living, we can provide precise instruments to test formaldehyde and VOC on siteguarantee zero pollution .

2Heshida is the the interior wall coating designated supplier of Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, which as the dormitory of the heads of state and political leaders.

3Heshida interior and exterior wall coatings won the first bid of Xiong'an New Area Citizen Service Center.